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Tips for a perfect test drive

Whether you’re buying a brand-new or a used vehicle, one of the most important steps in the process is the test drive. But how much thought do you really need to put into it? Is a quick spin around the block and a glance at the paintwork enough?

At Werribee GWM Haval we know that doing your homework and getting a handle on what’s what before you head into the dealership can put you in the perfect position to make the best decision about your next car.

Just because a car looks good online and has all the specifications you’re after, it might not handle in a way that suits you. It’s always best to judge your next vehicle in person and decide for yourself.

We’ve put together our top tips for a perfect test drive so that when you arrive at our Werribee dealership, you’ll know exactly what to look out for and how to make it count.

Think about comfort

Is the car easy to get into and out of? Are you too tall for a tiny hatchback? If you’re bumping your head or having to manoeuvre your body to clamber in, you might need something a little roomier.

The same goes for inside the car. Do the various seat adjustments allow you to see over the vehicle adequately? Is there enough headroom? Does your lower back feel supported?

Space is a huge consideration – especially for growing families. How will the vehicle suit you in a couple of years from now when there could be a dog, more family members (and all of their belongings) in tow?

How do you like the controls?

Every car has a slightly different dashboard, so you need to make sure that you’re happy with whatever you choose. If something feels awkward to you, it’s good to think about whether you can easily get used to it or whether it’ll always cause you problems.

Vehicles like the HAVAL H6 feature onboard supercomputers, cameras, full-colour LED instrument clusters and wireless charging. Is that something that will make your day or put you off in the long run? It’s all about preference.

How does the car drive?

Some people choose a car with light, smooth steering and others think that heavier is better. When you’re test driving your next car, have a think about how natural the steering feels to you. Similarly, do the brakes and transmission make you feel in control? Because every vehicle is slightly different, it’s important to take note of these details before committing to a purchase.

Explore the exterior

Sure, you’ve had a smooth test drive in the most comfortable vehicle you’ve ever been in and you’re in love with all of the impressive features - but do you like how the car looks from the outside? It might sound shallow, but when you love how your car looks, your driving experience can be even more enjoyable.

Aside from wanting to look good, there are other important exterior features you won’t want to miss. Does the boot open easily and appear roomy enough? Particularly for those buying a used vehicle - are there any obvious bumps or dents that you didn’t expect?

Bring a friend

Bringing a friend or family member along to our dealership at Werribee GWM Haval is always welcomed. A second set of eyes can be really important and help you spot red flags that you might miss on your own. If you’re buying a car that your partner will drive, it’s good for them to test it out as well.

We’re here to help

We understand that buying a new or used car can be a huge decision and, although exciting, it can often feel overwhelming. Before making a big commitment, we encourage all of our customers to ask as many questions as possible and never rush into any purchase.

Our friendly staff at Werribee Automotive Group have been selling and servicing new and used vehicles for many years. Our impressive HAVAL showroom has been created to provide customers with a welcoming, professional environment where you always come first.

Whether you’re buying, leasing, or selling – drop in and experience the difference at Werribee GWM Haval.